Corporate Yoga

It’s no secret that the work environment has changed over the past few years. Employees are required to work longer hours, with increased demands and stresses. In turn, this work related stress can lead to a drop in work performance and increased sick leave.

To keep morale high, reduce absenteeism, and maintain productivity, companies are looking for ways to deal with the stressful work environment.

Having mind-body programs like yoga incorporated into a work day, can help employees relieve stress and anxiety and become refreshed and focussed.

The results of a study at British University showed that even a short program of yoga saw employees reporting marked improvements in feelings of clear-mindedness, composure, elation, energy, and confidence. They also reported increased life purpose and satisfaction, and feelings of greater self-confidence during stressful situations.[1]

Yoga in the workplace provides many benefits

  • Increased productivity, motivation and work performance
  • Increased energy, mental alertness and clarity
  • Improved memory, focus, concentration and confidence
  • Improved morale, job satisfaction and positive thinking
  • Improved flexibility, physical strength and overall health
  • Reduction in headaches, muscle tension and pain

Yoga in the workplace is convenient

Many employees have multiple demands on their time, balancing long hours with family commitments. The first thing they neglect is their physical health. Having yoga available in the workplace is a convenient way for employees to fit in a workout during the workday without having to leave the premises.

Yoga makes healthy employees

Stress is the leading cause of many chronic health problems such as colds, viruses, headaches and obesity. By providing yoga classes, employees can reduce their risk of chronic stress related illnesses. Healthy employees produce quality work, make better decisions and pay more attention to details.

Workplace yoga can be an employee bonding experience

How often do you see companies arranging social outing such as Friday night drinks, or games of golf as a form of employee bonding? Providing yoga can be a casual way for employees to meet and interact with each other, forming stronger bonds and increasing respect.

Yoga in the workplace can increase mindfulness

From Google to Harvard Business School, everyone has started incorporating mindfulness into its leadership programmes. Practising mindfulness (through meditation in yoga) is a great way to pay attention to the present moment without judgment, and helps to improve communication in the workplace. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety and increase resilience and emotional intelligence.

Do you want to explore how to introduce yoga into your company?

As you can see, there are enormous benefits of yoga-based wellness programs within a corporate environment. By interacting with a qualified yoga instructor, you’ll be able to put in place a program that fits in with your employees and work environment.

If you want to find out more, I invite you to connect with me so we can discuss a yoga program for your employees.

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