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Rarnie McCudden

Clinical Nutritionist, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, and Practice Manager. 

Rarnie McCudden is a dedicated clinical nutritionist specialising in trauma-informed nutritional therapy. The path to wellness and understanding the complex relationship between trauma, nutrition, and overall health is deeply personal to Rarnie, shaped by her own experiences and those close to her.
These experiences have not only guided her professional path but have also ignited a passion within her to delve deeper into how trauma affects our nutritional health and overall well-being. 
Rarnie holds a Bachelor of Clinical Nutrition, Advanced diploma of Nutritional Medicine, Diploma of Practice Management and is a member of the Australian Traditional Medical Society. She also qualifies for private health funds depending on cover.
Together, clients explore a comprehensive range of services designed just for them. From conventional and functional pathology testing that aims to uncover the root causes of symptoms to customised meal plans and prescription-only supplements, the focus is on creating a collaborative and multi-modal treatment plan.
While Rarnie’s expertise spans various conditions, her primary focus is on managing stress, anxiety, and mental health conditions, reflecting her commitment to supporting clients in achieving a balanced and improved quality of life.
Outside of her professional endeavors, Rarnie finds joy and balance in activities like Pilates, managing a hobby farm, and caring for rescued animals, including her cherished two-legged Cavoodle, Oscar. These personal interests not only bring happiness but also reflect a holistic commitment to health, self-care, and the well-being of all living beings.
In creating a therapeutic space for her clients, Rarnie invites them to embark on a journey of healing and personal growth, where they are met with understanding, empathy, and the highest standard of nutritional care. With knowledge and a shared commitment to achieving long-lasting health and happiness, they travel the path to wellness together.