Driven by a passion for human connection and an innate curiosity about the human experience, Sarah offers a compassionate space for both individuals and couples seeking support. 

Her individual sessions are rooted in a trauma-informed and person-centered approach, where Sarah believes in guiding individuals on a journey of exploration with respect and gentleness. She emphasises that true growth and healing flourish when a sense of safety is established within oneself and in relationships.

Sarah is interested in getting to know who you are as a person, weaving together various therapeutic modalities to best suit your unique needs, including Strength-based therapy, Attachment theory, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Psychodynamic therapy, and Gestalt therapy.

She’s passionate about working with individuals experiencing anxiety, challenging life transitions, grief and loss, and issues within their interpersonal relationships. She also works with couples who are looking to strengthen their connection and navigate conflict in healthier ways. Whether in individual or couples therapy, Sarah’s overarching goal is to shed light on your experiences and equip you with the tools necessary for positive life changes. 

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Graduate Diploma of Counselling

I’m learning ACT with Dr Russ Harris

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Three Phased Approach: Safety & Stabilisation
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